Social Media Workshops

Social Media is part of our life and business today. Not only is Social Media the NEW 'word of mouth', but it's also a powerful platform to promote your business with minimal to no cost.

It's time to upskill and learn how to use Social Media appropriately for your business!

Learn how to:

  • Reach and promote your business to more potential customers
  • Build loyalty and engagement with your existing customers
  • Be intentional and strategic with your posts
  • Plan and schedule your posts
  • Write attention grabbing posts that will evoke an emotion and response
  • Use and create images to reinforce your message
  • Invite action and create future business
  • Track and monitor your results so you can identify who's working and what isn't

Social Media for Small-Medium Businesses

$55.00 per person (including GST)

Next workshop details coming soon.

This workshop is ideal for owner-operators of small-medium business to gain an understanding of how Social Media works and how it is essential for businesses today to upskill and adapt to.