Business Review

Having an impartial consultant conduct an objective review of your business can bring a new perspective.


Often we can't see the forest for the trees when entrenched in the day to day activities of your business.


Is there something going wrong and you just can't see it, or is it that the market has changed or moved on?


Do you have the necessary processes and procedures in place to monitor your business regularly.


How can you keep relevant in this changing business environment?

Business Plans

The secret in writing a Business Plan for small to medium businesses is that it needs to be:

  • Realistic with the resources & budget available
  • Relevant to your product or services and business model
  • Easily understood and able to be followed
  • Achievable within a specific time frame, be it 6 months, 12 months or 18 months.

A Business Plan should also include projections of expected sales and revenue, budgeted expenses and profit, along with major strategies to achieve this.

Think of it as a road map or GPS - you need to know where you are, where you're going and what route to take to get there.

Marketing Plans

Based on your Business Plans and business objectives, a marketing plan is the 'how to' for growth in sales and revenue.


The Marketing Plan that we create will support the strategies and focus of the Business Plan.


Marketing doesn't need to be expensive. The costs should be relative to your size of business and how much growth you want to achieve within the timeframe. However, every business needs to allocate some budget for marketing.


The Marketing Plan will include a calendar of events and activities to drive sales and revenue.

Social & Digital Marketing

Every business needs to have a digital presence in today's business environment as so many consumers search for goods and services online.


The extent of your digital marketing really depends on your industry, what your competitors are doing and how much you want to grow your business by.


There are many options and technologies now available, but knowing which are most relevant for your business is the key. One size never fits all, and it's better to use just a few really well rather than dabbling in too many.


The great news is that there are many inexpensive options for small businesses to create a digital presence without investing big bucks.


Creative Ideas & Solutions

During my career, I gained experience in working with very limited budgets and resources. This has developed my creativity and problem solving skills.


Overcoming obstacles, navigating my way around problems and coming up with solutions has been part of my business development.


When coupled with an indepth knowledge of your business, along with an understanding of today's consumer, a solution can always be found to bring more customers to your doorstep.


I also have a strong network of business relationships that I can tap into or engage with, to bring the expertise needed for various assignments.


One size doesn't fit all.

Each business is different and whilst the methods I use to examine your business and its needs are similar, the strategies and recommendations are tailored to each individual client.



Let's start the journey together now

The first step is to meet and explore the possibilities and opportunities together.